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could matched betting be used to raise money?
2017-07-22 15:55:14 / e-commerce
Hello, I\'ve been doing a few fundraising events over the years but although the mind is willing the body is becoming increasingly weak (and the allure of the pub is getting stronger and stronge...
Sponsorship for social enterprise idea?
2017-07-22 15:53:49 / e-commerce
Hello, I am looking into setting my own music studio up for young people 16-30 who have a variety of issues (homelessness/mental health issues etc). How would I go about getting \"p...
long shot,, possible fundraising idea for pet ilness??
2017-07-22 15:52:27 / e-commerce
Its issues particularly started to be noticed back in summer of this year when in the warmer weather the dog became to hot and/or to excited and his muscles would twitch and spasm and potentially into...

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