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Social lending

JoeClark JoeClark
JoeClark JoeClark 2017-07-24 15:41:35
Amazon Prime - from my warehouse.

Hello,We had our Amazon account reinstated after 5 years of suspension over a trivial issue and a lot had changed (both with Amazon and our business) We only have about 400 of our 5000 products on...

JoeClark JoeClark
JoeClark JoeClark 2017-07-24 15:39:56
What internet business would you do in my case?

Hello,But I have nothing to do with current one , its fully made and also that kind of internet business will be off soon. I also don't like what I do now so I really want something new and fresh...

JoeClark JoeClark
JoeClark JoeClark 2017-07-24 15:38:20
Check my coverletter addressed to potential drop...

Hello,I'm new to the business world but having a go at it. Take it easy on me (please). I'm setting up an eCommerce store selling gifts - quality products for all occasions, for anyone. We even...

JoeClark JoeClark
JoeClark JoeClark 2017-07-24 15:36:19
What to do for Chinese sellers copy our products?

Hello,This has been talked a lot and as far as, I know there is nothing to do but with a little bit of hope, I'd like to ask if there is anything I can do to stop Chinese cheap sellers copies my...

JoeClark JoeClark
JoeClark JoeClark 2017-07-22 15:53:49
Sponsorship for social enterprise idea?

Hello, I am looking into setting my own music studio up for young people 16-30 who have a variety of issues (homelessness/mental health issues etc). How would I go about getting "partnership" with...

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