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I stay in Warsaw, Poland. I was born on March 2nd, 1991. I am actually 17 years of ages. I head to secondary school. I am high and also strong. I have short, brown tresses, huge brownish eyeballs, and a right, small nostrils. Usually, I don equipped garments, denims, t-shirt and also trainers. When I reach house, I don tracksuit and pantofles. I am a incredibly welcoming as well as confident person. I grin a great deal as well as consistently make an effort to be happy, searching for silver linings of any sort of scenario. Oftentimes I perform not have things seriously, even when I should. At times individuals state that I am actually a bit outrageous, yet as a result of that I possess numerous buddies. My leisure activity knows manuals. I additionally like paying attention to music, performing the guitar and also video game. Last but not least, I devote very much attend the Internet, primarily on Facebook, but I also ride a bike a ton, as well as in some cases participate in basketball with my friends. Later on, I wish to become a widely known artist Visit :
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